Thomas Young / PolyWatt
Inventive engineering & problem solving

My particular skill and interest is solving unique problems through invention. I have invented several new technologies and devices and have been involved in starting several companies to commercialize those ideas.

NOTE: Many of the pictures below include links

PolyWatt open source PLC system currently under development with a first appliction as a web based control system for the historic USCGC Fir. The Fir is currently at pier 38 in San Francisco.

Spiral tape wrapper for Superconducting cable insulation, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory 1982, Wang NMR 2011, and LBL 2011.
The new Crimpus Crimper.
Re-engineered the control system on this all electric LeTourneau straddle crane with a distributed PLC system. Polywatt / Cal Equipment, End of 2005.
Invented and developed the Capillary Pump and various novel ceramic processes, then started Vapore Inc. to commercialize the work. 1997-2004
Designed and built my R&D Laboratory into a shipping container. became operational 1997.
Distributed force computer touch panel and silicon strain gage technologies, AVI Systems Inc. 1990-1995
Optical Disk positioner for the Library of Congress, Paragon Systems. 1989
Video to LCD display interface, Paragon Systems. 1988-1990 Computerized drilling system for printed circuit boards, NC Ways / The Boardworks. 1985-1986.